Aromatherapy Heals - Balancing  Mind  Body  Spirit
There is a saying: "Where the mind leads, the body follows."
Growing up in a small town, hidden between the Monashee and Selkirk Mountain Ranges, one is exposed to Nature on a daily basis. I live on 6 acres in the Eagle Pass just 5 km from Beautiful Revelstoke, a Mountain Paradise. Who can possibly be stressed when standing on top of a mountain gazing at the most beautiful Columbia River Valley. Breathing in the scents of Alpine Fir and Spruce trees and the most gorgeous eye candy, Wild Flower Meadows. You can feel the stresses of the daily grind fall through your body and dissipate. You are on top of the world.
This is my Path in life, to bring these feelings to other people, so they can improve their health by ridding their body of all stresses. Using the Ancient Art of Aromatherapy, I strive to achieve this level for my clients.
"Soar" by Margo Goodman
Benefits of Aromatherapy include:
Heals wounds and burns
Improved skin tone
Regulates hormones
Relieve menstrual cramps
Stimulate the immune system
Decrease sinus & lung congestion
Relieve tension headaches
Relax muscles
Helps with Edema
Reduce inflammation in joints & muscles
Aids in allergy relief
Improved sleep
Kills fungal, viral & bacterial infections
Aids digestion & blood circulation
Relaxation & Stress relief
Mood enhancement and well being
Relief of minor discomforts
and much more...
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