Aromatherapy Heals - Balancing  Mind  Body  Spirit
How does Aromatherapy Work?
The human sense of smell has evolved since the time of the hunter-gathers, but the physical mechanism is unchanged. The sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive than using any other of our senses.
Smell is the only sense
directly connected to the limbic
system, situated on top of the midbrain(brain stem). The limbic system is the center of the sensory experience, processing memory, creativity, learning, emotions, pleasure, sex drive, hormones and rhythmic processes such as heart rate, body temperature, breathing. Impulses from olfactory nerves bypass the
neo-cortex and go directly to the
limbic system. Through this direct connection you react first, you don't think, when you smell something.
What to Expect in a treatment-
A first treatment is a 90 minute session consisting of the following:
  • personal consultation with the therapist.
  • a personal essential oil blend made especially for the client from information taken during the consultation.
  • application instructions and demonstration, if needed.
  • 60 minute full body relaxation massage, with essential oil blend.
Follow up sessions include:
  • personal weekly assessment.
  • personal essential oil blend.
  • application instructions and demonstration, if needed
  • full body relaxation massage, 60 minutes with essential oil blend.
A Full Body Relaxation Massage is also offered, with or without essential oils. this session does not include a take home blend and will use a general blend of essential oils or a single note, if desired.
"Rise of the Sun" by Margo Goodman
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