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Glossary of Medical Terms
This is a list of medical terms and their meanings.
These are some of the terms used in Aromatherapy.
"River" by Margo Goodman
Abortifacient - capable of inducing
                        abortion, labour.
Anaesthetic - deadens sensation.
Analgesic - pain relieving, usually applied 
Anaphrodisiac - diminishing sexual desire.
Antiallergenic - reduces allergic reaction.
Antianemic - helps with deficiency in iron,
                    B12, foliate & minerals in red
                    blood cells.
Antiarthritic/Antirheumatic - against
                       arthritis & rheumatism.
Antiasmatic - against asthma, calms.
Antibacterial - inhibiting the growth of.
Antibiotic/bactericidal - inhibiting or
                        destroying the growth of
Anticatarrahal - reduces inflammation of
                           mucous membrane.
Anticoagulant - delays/prevents blood
Anticonvulsive - stop/prevent convulsions.
Antidepressant - uplifting, counteracting
                    mental depression.
Antiemetic - a substance that is useful
                     in the suppression of
                     nausea or vomiting.
Antifungual(Fungicidal) - to destroy or
                      inhibit growth of fungi.
Antihistaminic - counteracts the physio-
                       logical effects of histamine
                       production in allergic
                       reactions & colds.
Antiinfectious - halts the spread of
                         infection, inhibit growth of.
Antiinflammatory/Antiphlogistic -reducing
                      inflammation usually
                      associated with vasocon-
Antimicrobal - destroying or inhibiting
                       growth of microorganisms.
Antioxidant - counteracts the damage
                      effects of oxidation.
Antiseptic - a substance which inhibits the
                         the growth of bacteria; all
                    essences are antiseptic to one
                    or more organisms.
Antispasmodic - relieving smooth muscle
                          spasms, such as intestine.
Antisudorific - counteracting perspiration.
Antitoxic - a substance which counteracts
                  poisoning, especially bacterial.
Antitumor - anti-cancer agent.
Antitussive - a substance to suppress cough.
Antiviral- acts against viruses.
Aphrodisiac - stimulating sexual desire.
Astringent - binding, causing constriction
                    of the tissues. a local
                    application used to arrest
                    discharges, hemorrhage,
                    seborrhoea, etc.
Balancing - mental steadiness or emotional
Balsamic - healing, soothing, loosening
Carminative - easing griping pains and
                      expelling gas from bowels.
Cephalic - relating to disorders of the head,
                especially stimulants of the mind;
                useful in weak memory, poor
Cholagogue - stimulating the flow of bile
                     from the gall bladder to the
Choleretic - stimulating and increasing bile
Cicatrisant - promoting the formation of
                    scar tissue.
Cordial - a heart tonic.
Cytophylactic - stimulating regeneration of
Decongestant - expectorant, releasing
                 nasal mucus, phlegm, congestion.
Deodorant - counteracting body odour.
Depurative - purifying the blood.
Detoxifying - helps to expel toxins.
Digestive - aiding digestion.
Diuretic - producing increased secretion of
Emmenagogue - inducing menstruation.
Expectorant - facilitating the removal of
                    broncho-pulmonary secretions,
                    especially catarrh.
Febrifuge - reducing fever.
Galactagogue - increasing the flow of milk
                         in nursing mothers.
Haemostatic - arresting bleeding, by
                      encouraging coagulation of
Hepatic - a liver tonic.
Hypertensor/Hypertensive - raising of
                     arterial blood pressure.
Hypnotic - causes sleep or dulls the senses.
Hypoglycemiant - lowering blood sugar
Hypotensor/Hypotensive- lowering of
                     arterial blood pressure.
Insecticide/Insecticidal - a substance
                 used to destroy insects.
Larvicidal - agent for killing larvae, lice, 
Laxative - promoting bowel evacuation. The
                 action of essences is very mild.
Mucolytic - dissolving, thinning mucus
Nervine - having a specific action on the
                nervous system-a nerve tonic;
                used for nervous disorders in
Parasiticide/Anthelmintic - kills parasites
Parturient - promoting and easing labour
                    pains during child birth.
Rubefacient - local (topical) stimulant  
                     of circulation, causing
                     redness  of skin-brings blood
                     to area. 
Sedative/Calmative - a nervine having
                   a predominantly calming effect
                  in normal doses.
Splenetic - a tonic of the spleen.
Stimulant - having a general, predominantly
                   exciting action on the body.
Stomachic - a tonic of the stomach, used in
                    stomach disorders generally.
Styptic - arrests a hemorrhage.
Sudorific/Diaphoretic - inducing
Tonic - giving tone to the body generally,
            or specifically to one area; mildly
Uterine- giving tone to the uterus.
Vasoconstrictor - a local application
                  causing constriction of
Vermifuge - expelling or eliminating
                    intestinal worms.
Vulnerary - an agent applied
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