Aromatherapy Heals - Balancing  Mind  Body  Spirit

  * from L. Steenhart, AB.
A year ago(2011), August to be exact, I was heading to Revelstoke BC for our annual visit. It was a five hour drive, with kids and I am sure a pet or two!  Not to mention driving stress.That evening I noticed that my ankles were quite swollen, likely from sitting, and the heat! My aromatherapist was there and said that she had some oils that would help the swelling. After mixing her special oils she applied the oils and I sat with my legs supported for only a little while, maybe 15 minutes, and the swelling had gone down, and I had ankles again! With in an hour they were normal. I continued to use the oils if I had the problem, but now I no longer have to as I no longer have the problem with swelling. That was amazing and ever so easy, no medication, and the oils are so pleasant on the senses. 

My second most new experience, was a massage done with oils that were mixed to suit me and my needs at that time. Oils are mixed for the individual and are different for everyone.The room was dark, lit only with a Himalayan salt lamp, low soft music and so quiet that you could have heard a pin drop! It was a full body massage, starting with the back and working to mu toes, it was most pleasant, the warmth of the oils, the fragrance, and the silence, worked to heal and release the stress that I had been carrying around with me. You can actually feel the release of the stress leaving your body! It was wonderful! It leaves you with an uplifted feeling.
I would recommend  this  experience to anyone. I now believe in the power of Oils, and my Aromatherapist.
L.(Goodman) Steenhart

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